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The Great Escape

Don't ask me why I'm doing this
You wouldn't understand
You're asking the wrong questions
You couldn't understand
Above are lyrics taken from Marillion's song The Great Escape from their album Brave. This album is one of the albums I'd want to have if ever stranded on a desert island. It's dark and sad, and yet very emotionally uplifting. It helped me through a very rough period of my life. There are many elements within the Brave story that I can relate with or that I have lived.

Marillion are also an amazing band to see in live performance. I believe I can apply the lyrics above when people who have not discovered Marillion ask me why I willl travel the world to see them. And, it's not just to see the band; it's the whole experience and their fan base. My lovely and wonderful wife, Martha, and I were recently engaged in a Marillion Weekend experience in Montreal, Canada.

Like all good things, the experience came to an abrupt conclusion as the weekend waned into Monday. Martha and I started our long drive home. All the way down the interstate I-87, we kept running into fans who had also attended this extended-weekend-long Marillion Shangri-La. At one rest stop, we met a couple who found themselves lost trying to get back to Rochester, New York. I hope they made it. Another stop, we ran into a fan then sporting a Guinness shirt. Chatting about the whole weekend with all of these fans probably added two hours or more to our eight hour drive But it's all worthwhile.

Then, Just when I thought I'd seen the last of you, a car load of Albany'ans, whom we'd met when we queued, passed us by and waved. I managed to signal to them to make an exit at Exit 20 where Martha and I were Heading for the great escape. They understood my signals and followed us off at the exit for this.

The Great Escape

The best band in the world; the best fans in the world.


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