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Home Away Networking

A recent discussion on comp.os.vms about networking an OpenVMS system in a home network environment brought out a number of proponents for Linksys routers. I've never had any experience with one; my router experiences have all been with Cisco routers and their IOS. So, when it came time to get my son who just went off to college a wireless router, I popped into the local Best Buy and picked up a Linksys wireless router for his use. Since he's not very computer and or network savvy, I was left with the task of not only providing the purchasing decision for this device, but also its technical and configuration support. Herein is my assessment of the process and the product. (read all 1484 words.)

Tunnel Vision

I love the internet! So much so that I travel everywhere with either my Ubuntu laptop or my MacBookPro or both. Wi-Fi is becoming more and more ubiquitous and accessible everywhere. Here in the Peoples' Republic of New Jermany (proNJ), the two major cable companies (Optimum and now Comcast) have been installing wireless access points which allow their customers to have internet access even outside of their homes. When I don't have access to a wireless hot-spot or one of the cable company Wi-Fis, I use my Sprint EVDO for internet access. I also use it while I am driving. It allows me to have internet access even in a moving vehicle. This blog is about the amazing ability to have internet on-the-road, literally, on the road; a testament to the fantastic technology of 3G internet service. (read all 1341 words.)


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Rocketry Video utilizing a Strap-on Camera Mount

Amateur rocketry is great fun! 5-4-3-2-1 Launch! The motor ignites, the rocket accelerates upward toward the sky and it's soon well out of sight hundreds, if not thousands, of feet into the air. For a great many rocketry enthusiasts, this would be enough; however, I soon found myself pining to see what I could not — the view from the rocket's point of view. I found numerous on-board rocketry videos on YouTube made by other amateur rocketeers which prompted me to want to try my hand at doing the same. If you too should have an interest in video documentation of your own amateur rocket's flights, read on. (read all 1223 words.)


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