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Stopping Pivot Account Malfeasants ::: SPAM

I have been running Pivot for my VAXman's Musings Soapbox blogging site for about a year and a half. It has been working very well for me; however, one of the things that has been most annoying about Pivot is its lack of any functional mechanisms to keep the SPAMmers from registering for accounts. Several other software packages used on the sites that I run and or maintain have had hooks into the StopForumSpam database site. The StopForumSpam site functions as a rather effective blocker of SPAMmer account registrations. Until now, however, there have been no plugins or extensions available for Pivot to perform this same function. (read all 1324 words.)

Bayer Contour USB

As a software engineer by trade and an insulin dependent diabetic by luck, I have longed for a 21st century solution to maintaining and tracking my blood sugar readings. I've had several glucometers over the years that could maintain a list of readings but none that possessed the ability to uploaded those readings to the computer. Transcribing blood sugar readings from a glucometer manually was both tedious and error prone. Several months ago, I came upon an advertisement for new glucometer that claimed to be capable of testing my blood sugar and also purported to be capable of uploading the results to a computer. That device is the Bayer Contour USB. Could this finally be the 21st century? It seemed that my wish had come true… or did it? (read all 1336 words.)
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