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No Network ≠ No Net Work

Recently, I worked a gig at a site that replaced its cluster's Alpha systems with new Integrity systems — all, save for one lowly DS10L. This was a three node cluster and the DS10L only existed as the quorum tie-breaker. The DS10L had been part of the former Alpha-based cluster and had not been touched for years. In fact, the only access to the node was through its console. One of the problems I was on-site to address concerned some of their network issues with these systems and this DS10L was at the heart of it. It simply would not properly auto-negotiate on the corporate LAN. Despite its SRM settings and attempts to configure the two on-board ethernet controllers with LANCP, this Alpha insisted on being half-duplex 10 base-T. (read all 1377 words.)

Date(time) to Quadword

I was recently Googling for something completely unrelated when one of Google's finds pointed me to this thread; titled: Date to quadword in DCL???? I perused the thread's entries wondering why Google returned this link as matching my query. However, I was quickly drawn into the quagmire of the thread because the original question was never actually answered. (read all 1484 words.)
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