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Procrastination? Not me! PivotX, the follow-on for Pivot which ran this site, has been available for some time, but I have just been way too busy to download and install it. Besides, the old Pivot installation — the Dreadwind release — was working just fine for my modest needs, so there was no rush to update it. However, I finally found a lull in my workload and I decided to install the very latest — PivotX 2.3.1. (read all 1284 words.)

Bayer Contour USB: A nine month saga ends.

The time had arrived for another scheduled doctor appointment; this time with my nephrologist. When I visit his office, I always have several vials of my blood drawn for testing. Whenever I do have my blood drawn, I like check my blood sugar with my glucometer at the same time as the draw to compare its results with those the lab will return to determine the meter's accuracy. As with my last visit to the endocrinologist — which prompted my last exposé on the Bayer Contour USB — I was prompted to have another look-see at the Bayer web site to see if they have released a more recent software update — maybe even one that works! (read all 982 words.)

Bayer Contour USB

As a software engineer by trade and an insulin dependent diabetic by luck, I have longed for a 21st century solution to maintaining and tracking my blood sugar readings. I've had several glucometers over the years that could maintain a list of readings but none that possessed the ability to uploaded those readings to the computer. Transcribing blood sugar readings from a glucometer manually was both tedious and error prone. Several months ago, I came upon an advertisement for new glucometer that claimed to be capable of testing my blood sugar and also purported to be capable of uploading the results to a computer. That device is the Bayer Contour USB. Could this finally be the 21st century? It seemed that my wish had come true… or did it? (read all 1336 words.)

Testing the Gallery

I have recently augmented VAXman's Musings Soapbox with a new blogging feature. I have installed a Pivot extension snippet which provides for the inclusion of images in articles. This Gallery snippet allows a simple method for the inclusion of images into articles which I write and post here. These images are linked to and displayed with the Pivot Lightbox extension. (read all 276 words.)


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Rocketry Video utilizing a Strap-on Camera Mount

Amateur rocketry is great fun! 5-4-3-2-1 Launch! The motor ignites, the rocket accelerates upward toward the sky and it's soon well out of sight hundreds, if not thousands, of feet into the air. For a great many rocketry enthusiasts, this would be enough; however, I soon found myself pining to see what I could not — the view from the rocket's point of view. I found numerous on-board rocketry videos on YouTube made by other amateur rocketeers which prompted me to want to try my hand at doing the same. If you too should have an interest in video documentation of your own amateur rocket's flights, read on. (read all 1223 words.)


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