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ssh-ecurity — Part 10: Android Paranoid

The summer season is here again! The pool is open and the dinner comestibles are a welcome anything I prepare on the grill. This year, to replace aging outdoor speakers, I purchased a Bluetooth sound system for my backyard oasis. The plan was to broadcast to it from iTunes on my MacBook Pro or the IMac in the bedroom, but the distance to either yielded undesired sound quality. So, it was either lug out the MacBook Pro — which I was reluctant to do after a recent costly repair to it due to a spilt coffee — and risk getting it splashed from the pool shenanigans, or invest in something else that I could use for streaming internet radio to the Bluetooth sound system. I finally opted for an Android tablet. A couple of downloaded apps and I was streaming Aural Moon to the Bluetooth system. Now, armed with a new toy, my inner geek was pining for other things that I could do with this tablet. The first thing that came to mind was configuring terminal access into my OpenVMS, Mac and Linux systems; securely, of course! (read all 1177 words.)

MOVPSL — I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!

Having just completed the latest round of new features for the TMESIS DCL Debugger, it was time to build and test the code on all three OpenVMS Architectures — VAX, Alpha and Itanium. The development of the project had been seeded on the Alpha; thus, that's where it has remained to this day. When a new feature or bug fix has been vetted on the Alpha, the code is then built and checked on OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Itanium. Everything newly added was working fine on all three platforms, so it was time to run through some of the regression tests. What this uncovered surprized me. The EDIT functions, which had nothing to do with the newly added functionality, were failing on the Itanium. Never underestimate the need to perform regression testing! (read all 2234 words.)
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