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ssh-ecurity — Part 10: Android Paranoid

The summer season is here again! The pool is open and the dinner comestibles are a welcome anything I prepare on the grill. This year, to replace aging outdoor speakers, I purchased a Bluetooth sound system for my backyard oasis. The plan was to broadcast to it from iTunes on my MacBook Pro or the IMac in the bedroom, but the distance to either yielded undesired sound quality. So, it was either lug out the MacBook Pro — which I was reluctant to do after a recent costly repair to it due to a spilt coffee — and risk getting it splashed from the pool shenanigans, or invest in something else that I could use for streaming internet radio to the Bluetooth sound system. I finally opted for an Android tablet. A couple of downloaded apps and I was streaming Aural Moon to the Bluetooth system. Now, armed with a new toy, my inner geek was pining for other things that I could do with this tablet. The first thing that came to mind was configuring terminal access into my OpenVMS, Mac and Linux systems; securely, of course! (read all 1177 words.)

ssh-ecurity — Part 9: Confusion will be my Epitaph!

I have received myriad accolades for my series of blogs on ssh; especially, because it has covered the inter-operability issues with OpenVMS, Linux and Mac OS X. Despite the series, I am still being called upon to assist with ssh implementation on all three of the aforementioned environments. It is, of course, not a bad thing for one, like myself, who is in the computer consulting business but, in almost all of the cases, it was because of simple and stupid errors introduced when taking my blog examples and massaging them into one's own working environment. (read all 599 words.)

Stopping Pivot Account Malfeasants ::: SPAM

I have been running Pivot for my VAXman's Musings Soapbox blogging site for about a year and a half. It has been working very well for me; however, one of the things that has been most annoying about Pivot is its lack of any functional mechanisms to keep the SPAMmers from registering for accounts. Several other software packages used on the sites that I run and or maintain have had hooks into the StopForumSpam database site. The StopForumSpam site functions as a rather effective blocker of SPAMmer account registrations. Until now, however, there have been no plugins or extensions available for Pivot to perform this same function. (read all 1324 words.)

Sizing the Moment

I have been running a web site on an HP Integrity server for the past few years. It is running on linux; Debian Linux 3.1 (sarge). It was initially established on a 36.4GB drive and, at the time, it was thought to be more than ample drive space for many years to come. However, there is a forum on this web site and its users have a voracious appetite for posting to it. Recently, it became apparent that it would be sage to move this web site's system drive to a larger drive. The bigger drive was simple but getting the system files moved over to it wasn't exactly an easy task.

An exposé of OpenVMS image backup, this is not!
(read all 1943 words.)


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Rocketry Video utilizing a Strap-on Camera Mount

Amateur rocketry is great fun! 5-4-3-2-1 Launch! The motor ignites, the rocket accelerates upward toward the sky and it's soon well out of sight hundreds, if not thousands, of feet into the air. For a great many rocketry enthusiasts, this would be enough; however, I soon found myself pining to see what I could not — the view from the rocket's point of view. I found numerous on-board rocketry videos on YouTube made by other amateur rocketeers which prompted me to want to try my hand at doing the same. If you too should have an interest in video documentation of your own amateur rocket's flights, read on. (read all 1223 words.)


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