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Apple Design?

De- De-
A prefix from Latin de — down, from, away; as in debark, decline, decease, deduct, decamp. In words from the French it is equivalent to Latin dis — apart, away; or sometimes to de.

Sign Sign, n.
That by which anything is made known or represented; that which furnishes evidence; a mark; a token; an indication; a proof.

Put them together and design means: away from a mark? It seems that way lately with Apple and its products.
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Sprint Sierra Wireless AC597E ExpressCard on Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Ubuntu 8.10

Back around the beginning of the new year (2009), I picked up a 17" Toshiba Satellite for a steal at a going out of business liquidation sale at a nearby Office Depot. I immediately installed Ubuntu Linux on this laptop supplanting the commercial virus (a.k.a. WEENDOZE VISTA) installed on its hard drive. My next adventure was to configure it to use my existing Sprint Curitel PC5740 PCMCIA card. However, the 17" Toshiba Satellite was equipped with an ExpressCard/54 slot. No problem, per se, as I'd purchased a PCMCIA-ExpressCard/54 adapter. The Sprint Curitel appeared as soon as I plugged it into the slot with this adapter. In a few short minutes, I was connected to the internet using the Sprint Curitel EVDO card on my new acquisition. (read all 2455 words.)


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Rocketry Video utilizing a Strap-on Camera Mount

Amateur rocketry is great fun! 5-4-3-2-1 Launch! The motor ignites, the rocket accelerates upward toward the sky and it's soon well out of sight hundreds, if not thousands, of feet into the air. For a great many rocketry enthusiasts, this would be enough; however, I soon found myself pining to see what I could not — the view from the rocket's point of view. I found numerous on-board rocketry videos on YouTube made by other amateur rocketeers which prompted me to want to try my hand at doing the same. If you too should have an interest in video documentation of your own amateur rocket's flights, read on. (read all 1223 words.)


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