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Testing Pivot on OpenVMS with PHP5

This is a test posting to determine whether or not image processing is functioning properly within Pivot. Its intent is to see if the GD extentions in PHP on OpenVMS are functioning well enough to support its use within Pivot.

Here is where the test image is included in this entry.
This photo was taken outside of a concert venue in the Netherlands.

It appears that everything is working with Pivot under OpenVMS with Apache, PHP 5 and a PHP patch which fixed an issue with the PHP GD imagecreatefrom{gif/jpeg/png}() functions.

Reader Comment

Thanks for checking this out, VAXman!

by: Alphaman on 02-Jun-2009 17:08

Reader Comment

Just to let you know, the text goes on top of your linkdump text and the ‘no comments’ piece is at the top right of the photo. I am running WinXP SP2, Opera 9.64.

by: stephen on 02-Jun-2009 19:45

Reader Comment

Sorry for the off topic, I’m hoping B.S. sees this!
B – could you email me? I’ve tried emailing you from several accounts and I keep getting “no permission to email” you!
rkaledas at dmc period org

by: Ron K on 03-Jun-2009 07:57


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